A lot of people have lost their lands and houses just because they don’t have the right landed document and more will still lose theirs just because of ignorance.
Ndidi had worked hard for over 25 years as a civil servant. He saved enough to buy landed properties which his very close friend introduced to him.
3 years after he had finished building the house, he received a court injunction to vacate the land, he thought it was a mix-up initially but later realized the magnitude of the issue on ground.
He was rest assured because he believed he had all the documents necessary but later found out that he was not given a DEED OF ASSIGNMENT. In fact, he never knew that such a document actually existed.
He eventually lost the land in a court case.
Ignorance is never an excuse!

What are the important landed document you must have?

The Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is the document given to an individual which proves ownership of a piece land as attested by the government in accordance with applicable laws of the state.
The C of O is what makes you a lawful interest holder in the land and it also describes the type of use the land can be put to.
You need to present your Certificate of Occupancy in order to claim a land.

Survey plan is an important document that helps reveal the true ownership status of a property or land.
It is with a Survey Plan that you will be able to do a search to know if the land you are planning to buy is under any government acquired area.
The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor general of that state.
Whenever you are negotiating for a land you want to buy first ask for the Survey Plan then take it to your Surveyor to conduct a land search so as to know if the land is free from government acquisition.

A deed of assignment is one of the most important documents you must have when you conclude a land transaction.
A deed of assignment is an agreement between the seller of a land or property and a buyer of that land or property showing evidence that the seller has transferred all his rights, his title, his interest and ownership of that land to the seller that has just bought the land.

The first person on a land is the only person or group of persons entitled to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Every subsequent buyer of that land must get a Governor’s consent
Governor’s Consent is a land document that is obtained whenever you buy a land with C of O. It’s the land document that lets the Governor of the state and the general public know that the land in question has changed hands.

The land receipt is for the seller to acknowledge that he or she has received the agreed amount he or she wants to sell the land and for the buyers to show evidence of payment.

The next question is how do I know that any of this document I am receiving is not FAKE?

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